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Edward Ramsden

We are pleased to announce that Cloudbridge version 3.6 - Langkawi - is now on general release. Langkawi is another big step forward for Cloudbridge. At the heart of the release is a complete redesign of the user interface.

We wanted to reflect the fact that Cloudbridge is not a single function application, but a platform that you can use to build whatever data integration, master data management or process automation solutions your business requires. Therefore we have replaced the rigid, compartmentalised menu structure of previous versions with flexible menus that you can tailor to match your business processes.

  • Create task-based folders containing the menu items needed for a specific workflow, e.g. Month End
  • Choose the icons and labels for menus
  • Create shortcuts to external applications such as EPM, ERP and Analytics applications or internal documentation
  • Use role based security to create a simple user interface by hiding the menu items that users don't need to see

There's also a new global search capability, a bookmarks bar for frequently used items and a live timeline for scheduled jobs, plus new Process Builder libraries connecting Cloudbridge to more applications.


We’ve completely redesigned the homepage to make it easier for you to get to the pages that you need. The homepage shows you the shortcuts to the main modules, any pages that you’ve bookmarked and a live timeline of the jobs that Cloudbridge is running. You can tailor the homepage to meet the needs of your business. Choose the shortcuts that will appear, how they are labelled and the icons that are used. Organise shortcuts in folders and add new shortcuts to open your own documents or applications. All of this creates a user-friendly experience for our staff so that they can focus on using Cloudbridge for the tasks that they need to do.

Langkawi 1

Global Search

The new global search bar appears on every page you visit and makes it easier to get directly from where you are now to where you need to be next. Whatever you enter in Global Search will be matched against dimensions, dimension members, tables and jobs, allowing you to get straight to the correct result with a single click.


Bookmarks Bar

We’ve added a bookmarks bar to every page so that you can get to your favourite pages with a single click. You can bookmark a page at any time, and the bar will also automatically display your most frequently visited pages.



The timeline provides a real time view of past, present and future jobs. You can see if anything is running now, check the status of completed jobs and see when a job is next scheduled to run.

Dimension Management

Adding new members is faster and easier than before. You can copy all the properties of a parent or sibling when adding a new member. You can also select a different name to the default one when you add a member.

Table Management

You can now launch data integration jobs directly from the table editor, so if you have table containing parameters that you set before starting a job, you can now set the parameters and start the job from the same place.

If you have a table containing a binary column used for file storage, your users can now upload or download files to the table directly from the table editor.

Jobs Engine

We’ve made it easier to launch Cloudbridge jobs from external applications. A new endpoint on the Cloudbridge API allows external applications to query the status of running jobs, so that they can detect when a job has finished.

Process Builder

We’ve added command libraries to the Process Builder to provide out of the box automation of the following products:

  • Oracle EPM Cloud Profitability and Cost Management
  • Oracle EPM Cloud Account Reconciliation Management
  • Oracle on-premises Profitability and Cost Management
  • Coupa Business Spend Management
  • IBM DB2 database

We’ve also added a new command that can run GET, POST and PUT commands on any Rest API endpoint, so you can automate any product that has a Rest API.

There are also new commands in the following libraries:

  • PBCS – download and upload all the substitution variables for offline management
  • Email – add attachments to notification emails
  • Oracle ERP – update account period status and ledgers

Training Resources

To accompany this new release we have created two new free training courses on Qubix Academy for administrators and end users:


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Pulvinar cum pharetra in lacus. Mi viverra sit.

Edward Ramsden

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