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Let your data flow smoothly between your systems, processes and apps with Cloudbridge - a central hub for data integration and master data management.

Accelerate your Digital Transformation.

The most common causes of failed ERP, EPM and Analytics projects are poor data quality and data migration, overly complex integrations and a lack of automation. Cloudbridge will transform the success of these projects with an innovative new approach to data integration and automation that lowers costs and accelerates delivery.

Reduce Costs

The Cloudbridge low/no-code approach reduces the need for specialized IT resources and reduces development and testing timelines.

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Remove Legacy System Risk

Legacy on-premises integration tools are expensive to maintain; they increase costs and add risk to projects. Cloudbridge reduces complexity and costs and lowers risks.

System risk

Accelerated Benefits

Cloudbridge reduces the time and specialization required to accelerate the benefits of digital transformation initiatives.

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Unlock Value

Cloudbridge automates critical data-related processes, allowing teams to spend time identifying productivity, cost-saving and revenue-generating opportunities. 


Solution Features

Discover how Cloudbridge can help you connect and transform your data

01 Data Integration
02 Master Data Management
03 Data Migration
04 Data Governance
05 Automated Testing
06 Process Automation
07 User-Centric Design
08 Security

Seamlessly connect apps and data across your organization

Do you need data from SAP, Workday, Oracle, Salesforce, or NetSuite? Break down data silos and unify your data landscape by connecting hundreds of on-premises systems and cloud applications with speed and ease.
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Get your data house in order

Cloudbridge provides a single source of truth with a central hub for all your master data. Ensure data quality and control while providing data when and where it's needed.

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Elevate Your Oracle Cloud Implementation

Transition to Oracle Cloud Applications without a hitch. Our solution not only simplifies the intricacies of migrating key Financial and HR data but also minimizes the workload on your internal teams and ensures full compliance.
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Ensure data integrity at scale

Comprehensive data audit trails ensure complete transparency and traceability of data. Give users the data they need while maintaining data governance and control. Have complete confidence that data governance policies are fully enforced.
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Optimize Your Oracle Cloud Journey

Unlock the true capabilities of your Oracle Cloud Applications by integrating automated testing into your update routines. Concentrate on leveraging the advantages of your system, while minimizing the need for manual troubleshooting during updates.
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Automate business processes

Free up your time to work on more valuable initiatives. Let Cloudbridge automate moving data between systems, running business rules, triggering reports, and validating data. Use the Cloudbridge Process Builder for end-to-end automation of your processes.
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Built for finance and business users

Interact with a highly intuitive, point-and-click user experience with virtually no learning curve. Cloudbridge's UI puts the power in the hands of the user. Design and build complex processes with no code, or let your data engineers go deeper with powerful Python scripts and APIs.
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Data security is central to Cloudbridge

Security is at the core of Cloudbridge design.  The solution is already used by some of the world's largest financial institutions. Cloudbridge supports the latest encryption standards and cyber-security protections. Experience peace of mind in data security and compliance.
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Discover how we've helped our clients solve their data integration challenges, and learn more about the business case for Cloudbridge.

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Cloudbridge in numbers

High-performance data integration

Experience high-speed data integration and accelerate business process execution. Cloudbridge can manage the largest and most demanding data integration processes.

14 months
Million rows of data processed daily
API calls per month
Faster integration deployments

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We have a great partnership with Version 1, and we’ve benefited from their substantial experience. We’re working with them to develop and implement the right solutions for our business as we expand into the global market.

Elaine McKechnie, Head of Management Information Systems


Moving our legacy on-prem systems to the cloud meant we no longer have to waste resources on maintenance and upgrades, but can instead focus on providing business value insights using state-of-the-art applications.

Liam Stirling, Head Of Information Technology

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Case studies

Increase business agility and reduce costs.

Learn more about how we've helped clients automate critical business processes, increase efficiency and reduce cost and complexity.

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